With words of hermits and royals ringing in my ears, ideas of self reliance and the journey being the destination, I sat at the place where several roads diverged. Did I truly know whence I came or whither I’m bound? I laughed, maybe a bit nervously.

One of those wise men used to start by saying : “Grasshopper…” usually in answer to a question his Kung Fu student asked.

Now there’s a model. Caine of Kung Fu fame, if you asked him where he was going might easily say “I don’t know.” That is, not in a geographical sense. The conditions of his journey seemed to be, never settle anywhere, commit to everyone through committing to no one, only travel by walking (best way not to overlook something), travel light and count on providence for food with enough nutrition to maintain the best martial skillset in the world. Perhaps he was also wondering if he’d ever meet an enemy who could win against him.

On one side of the crossroads was the large warehouse-like building I’d struggled to enter and could now enter anytime through a certain hole I’d carefully made in the wall, just in case a custodian changed the doorlock or I forgot the combination while I was away. I planned to pay a lifetime rent for the place so I could return knowing my junk hadn’t been disturbed but was still there faithfully waiting for me to come and tidy it up.

If the journey is the destination, we never arrive and we’re all travellers. Or we arrive at our best way to travel.

What stops us from laughing and smiling whenever? Laughter is silver, and to smile is golden.

I smiled and happened to it rather than it happening to me.

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