‘Grail’ means gradual, one or a few steps at a time.

To graduate means to reach a certain level, and also to measure.

A measured pace is an even pace – not slow, not fast, but persistent.

Go on forever. The way is in.

‘What you are asking is your treasure house.’

That means, the fact that you are framing the questions is going to make you rich. Because you’re looking for something.

Long ago we kids would sometimes get told: ‘There’s going to be a treasure hunt. Go outside and see what you can find !!!’ Excitedly, we ran outside and found what the adults had put there for us to find.

I have to confess that for a long time I stopped assuming great things in life would be left out there for me to find. I need to relearn that excitement. And go out finding things.

Why a ‘holy’ grail?

Holy carries the idea of religious, clean, purified, sinless, somehow specially chosen and exclusive. The gradual journey within is so exclusive that only one person can make it.

You. And you do it by cleaning and polishing your act.

Like Aladdin, if you get into the treasure cave through a magician’s spell, great treasure is there but you might not know how to get out with it and return as the treasure-laden hero. Yet.

Once Aladdin was desperate enough to decide to pray, he remembered he had the ring all along – he wasn’t as stuck as he thought. Nor am I.

He could have gone back for more treasure any time but didn’t, because he found an easier way. Just call up the genie and place an order.

That suited him as if you go by what his mother said he was pretty lazy. Never did anything.

What kind of holy grail search is that? First he got really rich, then his work started…

I’VE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The following is a non-copyright interpretation provided free to all my readers.)

Like Aladdin, we are born rich without having to earn it.

Then along comes a magician to tell us aren’t rich, we need to earn it and to try to steal it from us when we do. The golden Buddha devalued.

Aladdin’s hard work all came after he got rich. When the magician came back to steal his bride and move his lego castle, that was when the bride’s royal dad sent Aladdin on what turned out to be his real hero’s journey. The final test of that was arranging for the magician to die of poison. But for ages he searched everywhere, inconveniently forgetting that he still had the slave of the ring at his command until he got desperate enough to pray (again). He did it by slipping on a rock and rubbing the ring (accidentally praying through adversity).

Isn’t that a bit like forgetting to ask for help from our massively powerful subconscious? I’m calling it – the slave of the ring is our individual subconscious.

‘If you must kill, do it without emotion.’                    – Meher Baba

The sage understood that killing shouldn’t be done lightly but on very rare occasions it might be necessary, like any extremely distasteful job.

I should add that Meher Baba also knew that ‘there is no death’ so killing means removing from worldly existence for a time, during which the magician might choose to clean up his act, not be so mean in future. You could call it giving him another chance.

Aladdin sees, takes a deep breath, sees off the magician, GETS BACK HIS LAMP  and takes his bride and castle back home.

I hear you all asking :’Yeah, but what’s the lamp then ?’

Well, that would be Universal Consciousness. When you have that you can move mountains.

Note : the skill of mountain moving ( a few steps up from mountain climbing) isn’t learned all at once. Since Aladdin had it in the first place, then had it taken away and had to go and get it back, we can say he only got to keep it once he learned exactly what it was. And how to use it, and to keep using it.

That’s the hero’s journey. Go find the Holy Grail that you are.

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