Everyone who ever makes it to Carbonek gets a one on one interview with the Royal Whomever. After eating, resting up, cleaning wounds etc – they know how long to leave it.

You go to your interview, which isn’t scary as you’ve been through so much already. The Royals have done their research and know everything but it doesn’t matter. Sure you made mistakes but ultimately only due to ignorance, of which you overcame enough to make it to Carbonek.

You sit with the king, who happens to have a weeping wound that after many years hasn’t killed him, but neither will it heal. In the legend I vaguely recall, one of the knights finally brought something that finally did heal the king, but by then that knight had passed on.

Somewhere in everyone’s interview the king almost certainly says : “The meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to give it away. When you’ve done that you can die if you like, though you won’t really”.

And you think :

“Why do I get one more part still to play

When someone else far greater passed away ?

Did they achieve their purpose while I may

Not have achieved mine? Could this be the day

I get the chance to make the passing grade?”


The world won’t die, but what if your contribution is the one that heals that persistent wound?

A lady I know once said that Galahad never having put a hand or foot wrong was all very well, but who can identify with that? It was his dad Lancelot who meant really well, stretched the boundaries, fell often and never gave up who played the vital role of showing how to be against Arthur and for him at the same time in Camelot.

“Do not go gentle into that, good knight.”            (Regards to W H Auden)



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