Every so often a rat popped out and ran past. I was learning slowly to say ‘Ah yes. Another of those rats.’ Then some of them would even smile gently at having been recognized before running away.

Something tall was poking its head above the line of boxes. I had enough space so I pulled a few away without sorting them and there it was.

A gold statue equivalent.

Tall and ugly, like a partly finished art project someone had given up on but didn’t have the heart to give away.

A lot of the junk in the room was stuff that looked as if it could be useful, depending on who you were. So normally I would have kept it just in case – not knowing of course whether I would be the one who ended up using it, but more, you know, in case someone else might want it, at least it wouldn’t be wasted, sort of.

But the gold statue equivalent was different in that it clearly wasn’t any use. It was more like an art project than something useful, just to be looked at, to be something in itself rather than be used for any other purpose.

You understand, don’t you, that it was nothing to do with me. Never seen it before in my life. Would I ever take time on something so useless ? No way !

It didn’t even look all that great.

But what it was, was good at standing.

I thought of Ozymandias, King of Kings. “Look on my works, ye mighty – and despair !!!! Mighty as you are, you’ll never get anywhere near what I’ve achieved.”

But Ozymandias had fallen, leaving only his legs behind. Was it his arrogant words that had brought him down ?

Was there a message on the base of the gold statue equivalent ?

I switched on my rechargeable torch, aimed it and read :

“Whoso pulleth their true self out of this block of plasma for all to see shall be rightwise ruler of all the lands within.”

As I read it again, ethereal background music seemed to play.

6 thoughts on “WEEK 18 : THE ENIGMA CODE

  1. George, your thoughts are creative. When you pulled out a golden statue I immediately thought of the golden Buddha story and felt it might be a reminder to you about the meaning of it. Of course this would have to be your decision . Good luck on all the discoveries you make from your boxes.

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    1. Thanks Eulaine 🙂 Yes, it’s my version of the golden Buddha – I started on it years ago, got discouraged and gave up but could never throw it away. Now I get to decide if I’m going to do more work on it to make it look like my future self.

      Liked by 1 person

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