However long ago, someone had thrown a dart from somewhere else in the giant room. The dart landed on one of the top boxes in the pile as it was then. Sometime later another box got brought in and dumped on top  – for ages the kindness of the dart – thrower was missed.

I was sitting musing when a large rat suddenly appeared, squeezing between a couple of boxes and runing across the floor I’d cleared. I freaked !!!! Then remembered to breathe.

Fortunately the door was open that day. The rat ran for it and escaped. Never to be seen again.

You wish.

Was it just going to go round the back and reenter? Would I recognize it if it did? Some people address this challenge by collecting pet rats.

I decided to leave the door open in future. My work was having some impact – there was much less space for rats to hang out in and they were jumping ship. Nothing personal – I was just taking away the stuff they were living on, in and behind. I had to expect occasional rat appearances and to remember to breathe each time. It usually only took one good breath to blow them out of there.

So how many boxes should there have been all along in this room? Any at all, or none?

It probably didn’t matter how many as much as how well chosen and sorted they were.


8 thoughts on “WEEK 17 : TIPPING POINT

  1. George, your blog is simplistic, yet deep in your thinking process. I liked the concept of the kindness dart thrower,
    that your work was having some impact and that the tipping point comes when you start gaining on your past. Maybe it is better to bury the past to make room for your present and you future you? Interesting blog!

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