I was in some kind of giant warehouse/factory.

No one ever went through the door I came and went by – it seemed that that one was for me only. Yet as previously noted, I didn’t seem to be the only one in the building or whatever it was. I could hear things going on in the distance but my stacks of boxes got in the way of being able to see anything.

All this time I’d been working in a cubicle of my own making. Wouldn’t it be great to have more people to work with, but then again who would want to do this sort of work?

I wrote “HI !!!!!” on a piece of paper, made it into a dart and threw it. It worked, that is the dart disappeared somewhere over the boxes where I couldn’t see it. So that was that.

Unpacking the third box that morning, I noticed an odd bit of paper, not part of any set. ‘Might as well see if it belongs somewhere’, I thought.

The outside was blank. On the inside was the word HI.

Hmmmmm…           .

2 thoughts on “WEEK 16 : WHO THEY ARE

    1. Thanks Eulaine, that’s most encouraging and exciting to think I might one day be so well organized as to write a book, but you’re right, keep on going like this and anything’s possible ! Let’s say while I was going through everyday life I didn’t realize what I was also storing up – it just seems to come out…


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