I left the TV off. It just didn’t seem to matter so much now.

After a while I found an old copy of Poor Richard’s Almanack (which I had known was in there somewhere though I expected it would take far longer to find)  and decided that what I was best at was persistence. Everywhere I could see examples of starting on something, dropping it, starting something else, dropping that, moving to another task, et cetera and so on. Wasn’t that what persistence was – never exactly giving up?

Long ago I read a meditation by someone wise. It had about fourteen lines (not rhyming or scanning) and began

To us it is given                                                                                                                                         At no stage ever to rest

and later on had stuff about going on , climbing maybe, from life unto life. Thanks to call centre technology there’s always a call waiting – their work is never done, they could work continuously if they chose, without even toilet breaks.

But we were meant to sleep at night, weren’t we? Some people don’t even do that.

And the bit that does astral travel or whatever? Now there’s a part of us that never even stops work. Is that what the wise one was talking about?

Even plant growth isn’t continuous. Plants do a growth spurt, pause to gather strength, then do the next one. What’s that if it isn’t persistence ? They just grow where they’re put (or die if they can’t) and have no choice about it. Does that make them completely subconscious?

But I’m nature’s greatest miracle. With the power and responsibility of choice. I never get to rest from that.

I looked at all the junk I hadn’t sorted yet.

Was it really all mine? And if so, wouldn’t it have taken so many lifetimes to amass all that? And if so, mightn’t I get more than one to get it all sorted out ?

I decided to commemorate where I was at with a poem.

Never desist, always insist.                                                                                                                  Even if dissed, always persist.                                                                                                              Of what the journey may consist                                                                                                        How trickily the road may twist                                                                                                          Or circumstances may resist                                                                                                                Or what gets missed, hidden in mist                                                                                                  Finding these out may make you pissed                                                                                            But simply add them to your list                                                                                                        And feed them to your mill as grist.                                                                                                    However endless my existence                                                                                                            Moments alone can eat the distance.



2 thoughts on “WEEK 15 : REFLECTION

  1. George,
    You did a great job in discussing persistence by using a plant to illustrate it. Also emphasizing the importance of being nature’s greatest miracle with the power and responsibility of choice. The poem at the end commemorating where you began was a great conclusion. You have so much talent and creativity.

    Liked by 1 person

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