Now that’s better ! I can hear the creaking of old ideas waiting to be put into action.

The decision was too great to be taken on my own. What should I do ?

Desperately I called out ‘Help ! MASTERMIND !!!!!!!!’

Instantly he was there, in a flash of purple cape and proprietary logo.

‘One moment,’ he said. I’ll just put this ship and my girlfriend to one side and I’ll be right with you.’

A quick brush of his hair and he was ready. ‘Now what’s the trouble?’ he asked.

‘ I have to decide whether to keep tidying or assemble this kitset,’ I explained.

‘Sit down while I tell you my story,’ he suggested. So I did.

‘For what you’re trying to do you need a Plan Of Action, Real Keenness and Never Take No For An Answer. I don’t envy your task but I know how you feel. In the old days I was a man of action – all I had to do was fly around looking for a train to catch or a ship to pick up. Anything but tidy my own junkroom. But lately I’ve become more reflective – I think it’s this new costume.’

‘So what do you suggest?’

‘Keep the mane thing the mane thing,’ he said, rechecking his hair in a pocket mirror. ‘Plan your time, so much for shifting boxes, some left over for assembling that kitset. It might turn out to be a vacuum cleaner or something like that. And if someone comes and tells you what a mess you’re making or your kitset’s a waste of time, tell them you love them so much for wanting to be so kind to you. That should get rid of them.’

In a flash of decisive purple, he was gone.


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