Between itching, being careful not to scratch, applying toothpaste and drinking only tea I brought with me I was gradually clearing more space. I was creating some of those great prizes, piles of empty containers which I wouldn’t be using again and which could be burned to heat the home, which though not as near as the room itself was still more homelike than this cluttered room. Though the room was now so familiar as to start seeming like another home.

On looking in a particular box I found pieces of something. Not separate things but bits which had different shapes but looked similar. Was it a sort of puzzle?

It didn’t take much rummaging to find a couple that fitted together. However, they could be fitted together in more than one way. It was the same for the next few pieces I tried.

I noticed the corner of a plastic bag partway down among the pieces and pulled it out carefuly , shuffling the pieces but not spilling them. The likeliest reason for that bag being among the pieces was that they had once been in it . I had opened it and tipped them out to start building whatever it was. Could there be an instruction sheet for assembly?

There was. A small separate bit of paper , blurry under the dust on the bag but when I brought it out reading COULD BE AN IDEA Ā  Ā  (!!!!!!!!!)…

No wonder I had failed to assemble that kitset the first time. I had done the next best thing – kept the bits together in a hasty kind of way until I had the time to do it properly.

Had that time arrived at last? Or should I keep on tidying – stick to what I’d started doing and finish that before starting something new and risking my precious tidied space?

I thought of that poem by Robert Frost, about the two roads in the yellow wood. Which was my road less traveled by, that would make all the difference?

This would need some serious thinking about.

I switched the TV off.


8 thoughts on “WEEK 13: THE KITSET

  1. George, your blog was full of thoughts which were intriguing and your puzzle illustration made me visualize how our life is like a puzzle–full of exciting parts but needing to be harmoniously put together if we are to be successful & happy. I enjoyed your blog and thanks for sharing.

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  2. George your posts draw me in like one of those radio serial episodes, giving just enough to keep you interested and always leaving you hanging by its TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK. The fractal nature of your writing with “There was. A small separate bit of paper , blurry under the dust on the bag but when I brought it out reading COULD BE AN IDEA (!!!!!!!!!)ā€¦” is a case in point. It leaves you hanging, to ponder the myriad of questions as I, the reader, try to imagine whatever.

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