The next thing to do was to find a box with some space in it. There’s always some leftover space in a mess, that’s why it’s a mess. Or did I say that before?  If so, throw out one of those comments and people won’t have to read so much !

Hours later I had taken down ten boxes, emptied three of them, stuffed the empty three inside each other to save space, carefully squashed most of the contents into the other seven while leaving a small pile of sorry-looking junk by itself on the floor. There was still the same amount of floor space though, as the boxes were mostly stacked about six high – just enough room to get out the door. WHICH I WAS ABOUT TO DO.

Suddenly I heard faint sounds. From various directions I could just make out the buzz of decisions, the hum of affirmations, the crash of mental diets and the clicking of press release beetles. With a rush of empathy I realised I wasn’t alone in the building.

Cautiously I took a deep breath in case there wasn’t enough air for it  and called out ‘Who’s there ?’

The tiny dragon that had just appeared, wearing a smirk much bigger than itself, suddenly thought better of it, whipped out a notepad from its belt pouch and started taking notes.

2 thoughts on “WEEK 11 : NOT ALONE

  1. Your blog George was delightful and creative. The part that I liked was your buzz of decisions, the hum of affirmations and the crash of your mental diet. What a great imagination you have? I like your little dragon with his note pad too. All the sounds and your dragon were great visual images of what we’ve all be through. Thanks for a great blog.

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