This time I’m really inside (I think…) Anyway it was hard to get through the door. Next step is to clear the doorway a bit. So I can get out with the treasure I’m going to find. Somehow I just assumed it’s all mine.

I mean, who else would want anything to do with a mess like this? Some of the stuff looks kind of familiar under its layer of dust and other junk. Some might be sharp and dangerous, but they’re all only things aren’t they. No one else would be here. No one’s going to mind if I tidy things up a bit. If someone comes and says “Hey, what are you doing with my stuff?” I could say “Well I thought you wouldn’t mind if I tidied it up a bit”. Or it might not be their stuff at all, they just might be trying something on.

Ok. I’m going to assume its my junk for the time being. Could it be arranged any more tidily? Well yes, so I bend over to pick up a box and I hear a sudden sound. I look up and see a SCARY DRAGON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “WEEK 9: THE TREASURE IN THE MESS

  1. George,
    Is the scary dragon the treasure you were looking for in the mess but didn’t know it. Was the dragon there to scare you or motivate you to clean up the mess so that you might find more treasures? Can we compare the mess to our lives sometimes? In order for our lives to be productive we often need to clean up the mess or reorganize our priorities. Interesting thoughts- thanks for sharing them.

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    1. Hi John, thanks for dropping by šŸ™‚ True I’m not scared of it, it’s my pet dragon which I brought in to make the audience sit up, but please don’t tell them or they might start leaving in droves šŸ™‚


  2. Hi George. In your first blog, you mentioned it being your first attempt at blogging. I’m wondering if this is the first time you’ve written freelance off the top of your head. You business mind is so different, just as my own creativity in left field.

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    1. Your comment reminds me of my top guitar student, who completed the course by going through the system, and my son who emerged at the same concert having reached about the same level all by himself.

      Autism has its advantages and I wonder what I might lose if the patches cure me. But I’ll risk that as the technology needs trying and supporting.

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    2. And I see there’s no week 8…

      That can be read as another literary device. I’ve always written stuff I was going to publish some day, the difference here mainly being that it all gets published which I don’t usually favor until it’s been thoroughly checked. But yes this is off the top of my head and the surprise is usually quite pleasant. Unlike the DMP which must be more like a writer sending drafts to an editor hoping they’ll be accepted for publishing.


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