Sounds are coming from inside. A voice calls out.

“It’s like this! Sometimes you think you’ve got through the door because you’ve done everything you think you should need to do to get through. But have you checked what you’re carrying? It might be holding you back.”

That’s a point. I look down, and would you know it, the voice was right . I’m carrying BRAGGAGE and trying to get through the door without putting it down.

Long ago at home I used to like making as few trips as possible through a door. I’d do this by carrying as much baggage as possible on each trip. I would push my fingers to the limit and wish I had another hand or two. I would break precious fingernails.

So I changed to another way, only carrying a few things at a time because it gave me more chances to take a nice little walk. I got thinner and the door was even easier to get through.

But I wasn’t doing that this time because it was vital to hold onto everything I had. If I was going to get through this door I would need to leave my braggage behind.

Or ahead.

I started putiing little bits through by reaching in without going in myself  (yet)


3 thoughts on “WEEK 7: INTO THE BUILDING

  1. Lots to consider. If you have lots of skeeters where you live, you might want to make as few runs through the door as possible. I always try to get as much as I can without taking a chance of dropping something. I think the “as much as I can possibly carry” is a guy thing.

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