On my pocket radio I heard the news of yet another storm somewhere else. Bigger than ever – that’s the best way to count on getting in the news. In a storm there’s much less choice and something has to be done. Over here where the storm isn’t there’s much more choice including doing nothing.

Some people say humans are now clever enough to create their own storms or at least build up and control those already started. It’s easy to think that’s totally crazy and see it as fact when it’s really only an opinion based on not having met the idea before.

Might there be someone who knows how to start a storm? A scientist or government ? Come on. You know there might. Would such a person tell everyone about what they could do? Perhaps not until they decided it was their best choice.

Where I am, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. When a storm is over I feel tempted to do nothing for a while, then sooner or later I start wondering which fix of the damage will work best this time.

What about finding out if a person can create a storm or not? Then it would make sense to consider the possibility of turning it into an unstorm.

Be careful. We just might be more powerful than we’d like.


4 thoughts on “WEEK 5 : THE UNSTORM

  1. George,
    Your blog called “The Unstorm” was sort of abstract but fits well with your other two blogs. Maybe you could combine all of them into a story and send it to Reader Digest or some science fiction magazine. All of them were great. You have a lot of creative writing talent.


  2. Enid Blyton wrote that she followed the stories she wrote for children as keenly as anyone because she didn’t know how they were going to turn out, Where I’m at I know how that feels and this blogging exercise might turn out to be one of the best things I’ve ever got to do.

    After the last two posts people might have started to assume ‘ok so this is going to be a story’ and I wanted to keep them guessing, a bit like dodging a pursuer I guess.


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