That was a good sleep.

I stand up, feeling hungry. Immediately fruit and vegetables spring out of the ground. I eat some of them and feel ready for action.

What now ?

I wave goodbye to myself in the mirror and start walking. Almost immediately I notice a piece of paper on the ground in front of me. I pick it up and notice that it has two sides.

On one of them, in a language I understand, is the message ‘YOU ARE HERE’.

Good, I think. I understood that. I turn the page over and read ‘WELL DON’T STAND THERE ALL DAY. GET GOING !’

No need for directions. Away from the swamp will do nicely. Then I remember that lost people are known for going round in circles – they know this is happening by finding themselves doing it. Well if it happens to me at least I’ll have the veges to eat and the mirror to look in.

I forgot to mention that swamps are always followed by plains and I’m walking across one now, looking behind every few minutes to see if the mirror is still there. When it finally disappears I know I can’t be as lost as before.

Then, a long way ahead, I see the Thing. Good. Something to walk towards. This is going well. Not a crisis any more.

What next?

3 thoughts on “WEEK 4 : THINK OF A PLAN

  1. Thanks Eulaine 🙂

    What comes out could turn out to be a short story when I look back on it. As I think you guessed, each post reflects the learning stage and might have wider general appeal if written as a story or journey.


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