I plod on, fall over, get up, plod on. Means the water is getting shallower, must be gradually getting to the edge of the swamp. Swamps have edges don’t they, or they couldn’t be swamps.

About ankle deep now, must be nearly there.

But what’s this I see?  Well, it’s a full length mirror. How about that.

I wasn’t expecting to find such a clean shiny thing in such a mucky place. I know I’ve been in a mucky place because I’ve just seen myself in the mirror and I’m not approving of what I see. Hours later, I’m still there looking at myself and scraping away at bits of hardened stuck- on mud.

Can’t go on looking like this, can I. Might meet someone and get looked at critically. And the part of the swamp where I could have got a reasonable wash is not only way back there, but to return from it I haven’t thought of a way not to get dirty all over again.

Here’s an idea. Whatever I decide I won’t do it just yet. Or decide just yet. Perhaps, maybe, a doze about now would be a good idea. I won’t try to make it happen – let’s just see if it doesssszzzzzzzz…….

8 thoughts on “WEEK 3 : THE MIRROR

  1. George,
    Your blog was very creative and could easily fit into a short story & with more details could get published later on. Is this how you see you self? Luckily you have gotten out of the swamp, chips off some of the mud or cement and have begun to see resources for change to happen. Keep up the hard work and be ready for the change to occur.
    I am glad you are part of my tribe and for the opportunity of being your guide. Thanks for the great blog!


  2. Please note the time. This has been a great read so far, but i can’t stay too long. I’m a Blog Rover for MKE2018. Have you read the members 4 above and 5 below your name? Go to blogroll. I’m the one updating the list. As quickly and currently as I can. PLUS, I get the pleasure of reading the membership’s blogs. How is your MKE Journey? You are definitely blogging outside of the box, and yet soooooo close to the process. I am so blessed to find you with “Dragon” post. Week 10. I’ll be back.

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