The experience of becoming a mastermind with limitless power over my own life.

I climbed the cliff, stood up to look at the view, fell backwards but fortunately not all the way. Crawled back up, not too far but into a thornbush at the cliff’s edge, marked ‘what’s the difference between ‘doing my best’ and ‘doing the best I can do’ ?

What’s the best way to crawl through a thornbush you can’t see the other side of? Answer : lie down and think about it some more, sloth feels soo comfortable.

Through at last and into the swamp. There’s an edge to it somewhere… the bottom can’t be seen, sometimes it isn’t there so some slow swimming gets done, sometimes it’s shallow enough for some soggy slippery steps.

“The art of being a hero is being prepared to look like a fool with a smile.”

Was that helpful ?

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